Every published author must have a concrete marketing strategy. In order to execute that campaign, he must have at least the necessary tools such as the appropriate marketing materials.

Marketing Materials form an integral part of your book marketing campaign. ReadersMagnet believes in the power of self-publishing and in empowering our client authors. In that spirit, we threw in a short list of how you can come up with your own marketing materials based on our very own list. Enjoy!

  • Business Cards

This simple material has helped thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the ages. Today, it remains one of the most basic and important marketing material. All you need is a computer, a printer, and a relatively thick paper. Business cards are easy to produce. Just make sure that all the correct information and contact details are present. The standard size for your business cards should be 3.5 x 2 inches.

Source: Brit.co
  • Bookmarks

Bookmarks can range from the traditional rectangular bar to animal clips, ribbons, flat sticks, dried pressed flower petals up to the most creative origami. According to architectureartdesigns  “To make your reading more interesting you should do creative and fun bookmarks. You can make out of paper and then draw something on it or you can make it from materials. Here are some awesome tutorials that will help you in the process.’’

  • Postcards

Everybody loves postcards. For your own postcards, I suggest you make it personal. You can take a picture of local scenery and just add the necessary text at the back and print multiple copies. Don’t forget to include a quote or an excerpt from your book. As for the material, you can always look for cheap but relatively durable material.

  • Posters

If you want a personalized touch for your posters, we recommend hand-painted posters or you can choose to print them using silkscreen. Though it may require a lot of time and effort, these are cheap and quite fun to do. Having your own unique posters can be an advantage.

  • Others

T-Shirts. Printed T-shirts can go a long way. They are mobile and most people read what’s on a person’s shirt. If you can design a t-shirt that can easily attract people and print maybe a dozen or two, it would surely create quite a buzz for your book. Just make sure the texts are readable.

Stickers. Stickers are cheap and you can place them almost anywhere. In fact, if you can come up with a really creative design, it sure will attract a lot of people. Careful though, they might be more interested in your stickers than in your book.

Tumblers. Tumblers are not that cheap but if you invest in them and have them carefully distributed to a select few, they might do their job as advertising materials. Nonetheless, people love freebies and giving away tumblers seems like a cool gesture.

Jute Bags. Jute bags are pretty much an everyday material, people use it to travel, to do groceries, and other stuff. A hundred jute bags printed with an image of your book cover is a great idea and is sure to generate interest in your book. The nice thing about jute bags is that they’re affordable too.

Coasters. What’s a good match to go along with a good book and a nice cup of coffee? Coasters! These underrated beauties can be distributed in cafes, bars, and restaurants. Design a colorful coaster and have your book title and your name appear on it and voila! An ingenious marketing material.

Pins/Badges. They’re easy to make and you can mass-produce them in no time. Pins never run out style and people always love pinning them on their shirts and bags, making them mobile marketing materials as well.

There you have it. These Do-It-Yourself marketing kits can help you boost visibility for your book and for your brand. Just make sure you create quality items. If you want, you can also ask for help from professional book marketing experts for your book marketing kit.

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