It’s nice to see how book fairs have boomed over time. People’s increasing love for reading means there will be more attendance for book fairs. So what is the best thing to do when attending your first book fair?

The excitement of attending a book fair is genuinely fascinating. The smell of pages, both old and new, fly into the room, and the chances of meeting your favorite authors are high. These events are exhilarating for people of all ages since the love for books knows no age. Although you might get lost, confused, and overwhelmed by everything that’s going on, there are still things you need to remember to enjoy the experience the right way.

So if this is your first time attending a book fair, and even if it isn’t, it’s still essential to maintain certain good behaviors and proper conduct when around fellow book lovers and authors.

1 – Avoid Scattering The Books

The staff spent sleepless days and nights stacking the books properly and organizing them in the best way possible. Categorizing every single book according to the genre and alphabetical order is not an easy task. Not only that, but the staff also go through a tedious inventory of each book to ensure that the items are complete and nothing was lost. They also take into account the books that have been damaged. After that, they must repeatedly arrange these books by author surname and genre.

So please, let us make their job easier by not scattering the books and returning them to their proper place. And if you don’t have any plans on buying any of the books on display, organize them gently and adequately after pulling them out.

2 – Have Patience And Line Up Decently

In book fairs, expect an overwhelming amount of attendants. However, you don’t have to feel bothered or annoyed when there’s a long line at the entrance and checkout lines. What you can do is practice a lot of patience and basic decency as you fall in line. Avoid cutting in to get ahead of others; if possible, do not hesitate to call others out if they are cutting in line. The best time to avoid long lines during book fairs is to go there early to the venue.

3 – Plan Ahead And Jot Things Down Before The Event

Plan and ensure that you get things down before the event. Doing this will save you time, money, and effort on the day of the book fair. Especially when you have specific titles you’ve been saving for months, they’re finally available at the event. But when you are there, certain books have suddenly piqued your interest, tempting you to buy them.

To avoid this dilemma when you’re under a tight budget, save some extra cash before the event. But most importantly, focus on what you want to buy without getting swayed by the thought of not being able to buy the new books you found at another time. Learn to track your budget that matches the titles you want to purchase so you will have an easier time rather than hauling whatever catches your eye.

4 – Bring Your Own Bag / Containers

Help the event cut back on trash by bringing your bag to the book fair. Rather than relying on the plastic or paper bags the authors might have, get your own to carry the books in. A tote bag would be advisable since it can take a lot of books.

5 – Show Respect To The Authors, Organizers, And Attendees

Many authors from different parts of the country and the world will be attending the book fair, and the least you can do is act decent and show the utmost respect for taking the time to come personally. And no matter how excited you may be to see your favorite authors in person, avoid being too loud and obnoxious.

The same goes for showing respect to the organizers who have worked hard to prepare for the book fair to go smoothly. You don’t have to approach them personally or give them gifts as a token of appreciation. A simple thank you is enough to let them know that you appreciate what they do. As for fellow book enthusiasts attending the event with you, do not misbehave around them or do things that make them feel uncomfortable. They are here with the same purpose as you, so try your best to savor the event as much as possible.

Virtual Book Fairs: How To Enjoy Them

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