Self-published authors don’t have the luxury of network, prestige, and manpower that traditional publication and their marketing machinery has. Therefore, they must be resourceful, diligent, and creative in promoting their books. A sweeping marketing campaign is a very useful tactic. One campaign strategy is the use of live broadcast, particularly live radio interviews. ReadersMagnet thinks that live book radio interviews are essential to every self-published author. Here’s why:

Media mileage. What most authors fail to realize is that a 15-minute segment interview broadcast live over a national radio will give you the same publicity as a book fair or a book signing event. A 1000-watt radio station broadcasting in a crowded city can reach millions of listeners. The National Public Radio or NPR alone has over 1,000 radio stations and they host self-published authors. They have a book section which features both Book Review as well as author radio interviews and other book updates. A single interview with one of NPR’s partner stations certainly can help a self-published author promote his books to thousands. Imagine what you can do with 10 radio interviews?

It boosts site traffic. The good thing about author interviews is that you can you can plug events, schedule, and updates about your book. The best part is to direct listeners to your website or social media page where more information awaits them. By mere mention of your site, you not only attract buyers but also help your website rank in and increase your website traffic.

Direct Marketing made easy. A self-published author sitting in a booth answering questions about his book is like having 20-40 sales representative scattered in all over the city, each with a crowd of 1,000 talking about your book for fifteen straight minutes. You can talk about the book’s synopsis, characters, even read a paragraph or two, and above all, inform your listeners where they can buy your book. When listeners hear the voice behind the book, answering questions (personal or about the book), they tend to be more curious and interested. And since most radio interviews have links online, they also get the chance to watch the actual interview making the audience identify more with the book as well the author. It’s personal persuasion at work.

It increases book and author publicity. Doing a radio book interview is actually a lot like having your own commercial, airing for fifteen minutes non-stop. You don’t have to repeatedly tell the audience to buy your book. By repeatedly mentioning your book’s title during the whole duration of your talk, creates brand awareness and eventually, name recall.

The more radio interviews you do, the more people will remember your book and your name, thereby increasing your brand’s publicity. It’s a simple trick, but an effective marketing strategy.

Radio is one of the earliest social networks. While media pundits still debate whether the phrase “Radio is the original social media network”, there is no doubt that radio is one of the earliest social networks. Radio shows have the ability to generate topics, incite discussions, promote ideas and cultivate influence. Radio provides everything you need to build a growing network and a notable reputation. The trick is to make your first interview a success, one that will leave a good impression.  A live radio interview can reach thousands of listeners. If your talk is remarkable, it will generate a discussion among listeners. If the host is impressed, he’s likely to talk about you and your book to other hosts and other media personalities. And with the modern radio format, your live author interview might grace social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels as well. Of course, a good radio interview is sure to generate more radio interviews.

ReadersMagnet believes in the power of live broadcasts that is why we came up with ReadersMagnet Radio Interview. It is one of the many services under ReadersMagnet Marketing Services.

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