Self-published authors have limited marketing materials and they must maximize each of these items to increase book sales and further promote their brand. It’s not enough to simply come up with these promotional items. They must be well-designed to fit the marketing strategy and to answer the marketing needs of its author. We came up with 15 ways to maximize your marketing materials for the benefit of every self-published author. Posters, bookmarks, postcards, business cards, sell sheets are only effective if they are produced with good quality and high standard. Maximize your marketing materials in order to promote your author brand to the broadest target audience.



Experiment with sizes. Bigger isn’t always better. Poster size may vary depending on use or location. You can start with an 11-inch by 17-inch poster for interior use. For outdoors, you need a larger format that is readable for passing crowds and motorists.

Make it a head turner. An effective poster attracts people into reading the details. While its main purpose is to tell people about something, posters rely on visual impact. So make your posters as attractive as you can.

Highlight call to action. It’s the most important part of your marketing material and therefore deserves a highlight. You can use a creative font, bright colors for the text, or the whole layout to highlight what you want readers to do.


Mind the standard sizes. Postcard size matters depending on your campaign strategy. While a 6×11 inch postcard is the ideal mailing size, smaller cards such as 5.5x 8.5 inch postcards are much more affordable.  You can choose to print one size for your mailing list and one for your postcard campaign during book events.

It’s a teaser, not an ad. Just like posters, your postcard doesn’t need to be full of giveaway information. The front just needs to display something that can draw interest from the viewers. Choose an image that can have a lasting impression. You can place the rest of the details in the back part.

Start at the back.  Maximize the front surface of your postcard for a stunning image. You can place your texts and other information at the back surface. This way, you can maximize both sides of your postcard.


Short and concise. Bookmarks are not posters and sell sheets. Therefore you are not obliged to place everything on your bookmarks. You can place the book title, your name, and a quote from the book. Just like your posters and postcards, make sure the visual theme is consistent with your other marketing materials.

Die cuts. Die cuts are more appealing compared to your usual rectangular bookmarks. You can design die cut bookmarks according to your book theme. Designing your bookmarks this way makes your promotional materials more interesting.

Make it interesting. Speaking of interesting, there are many ways to make your bookmarks interactive and interesting. You can turn your bookmarks into coupons, response cards or even a trivia card. This way your bookmarks are not relegated into page markers.

Business cards

Maximize both sides. Maximize your business card by utilizing both surfaces of the card. Business cards should contain information on both surfaces. An effective business card is interesting whatever side you are looking at.

Advertise your business card. You can “launch” your business cards online. You can post it on your page or make a short video presentation about it. The idea is to make your card visible online and create publicity.

Provide online links. Never forget to include online links in your business cards. The purpose of your business cards is to establish connection and to lead your target audience to you and your various platform, including your website and social media.

Digital Sell Sheets

Keep a simple flow or layout. You want all the information in your sheet to be absorbed by the readers and the only way to do this is to present them with a material that is well-organized and pleasant to read.

Emphasize on the product. Your book is your product. While the sheet contains text about your book, never forget to display an actual image of your book.  It’s easier for people to identify with the image rather than the texts on your sheet.

Consider your target audience. Always put yourself in the shoes of your target readers. Be mindful of their concerns and in this case, think of the things they want to know about your product and make sure you give it to them straight.


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