Your marketing materials are only effective if they are properly used and strategically distributed. How you market your book depends on how you manage these print and digital items. As a self-published author, you have limited resources. That is why it is essential that you maximize the use of whatever marketing materials you have at your disposal.

Here are 15 ways on how to effectively use your marketing materials and further promote your author brand:


Posters must be visible during events. Whether it’s a book fair, a talk or a simple public reading engagement, the presence of posters is essential. The goal is to be recognized by the reading public, and without them, your event will not likely succeed.

Distribute posters in strategic places. Distribute your posters in commercial establishments, schools, libraries, and places where there is potential interest. Also, a poster on a window pane is more effective than the one hanging at the back of a door.

Posters can go places. Imagine your poster in the interior of a subway train or at the back of a trailer truck? How many people do you think will notice your poster in just a single day? Do not limit your posters to walls, window panes, stands and bulletin boards. Achieving media mileage also means going mobile.


Keep a comprehensive mailing list. Creating a mailing list helps you organize your contacts properly. You can sort out your list according to industry, sector or group. Make sure to create a media directory under your mailing list.

Make it personal. The thing about postcards is you can write personal messages on it. Do not settle for templates and one-liners. It’s surprising how few sincere words can go a long way.

Keep it rolling. Send holiday or season-themed postcards. This way, your book marketing campaign is continuous and you get to track and check your mailing list.


Don’t distribute randomly. As much as we want your marketing materials to reach the broadest number of target audience, we wouldn’t want to waste your limited resources. Don’t just hand bookmarks to anyone in your book events. Prioritize people within the industry and those you think that can help promote your brand.

Maximize both sides. It means that both surfaces should have something for the audience. It’s not necessarily that you fill the surface with text and images. Just make sure that both surfaces contribute to your book marketing campaign.

Do collaborations. Extend your bookmark’s market by doing tie-ups with groups or establishments that are looking to advertise their group, products or events. This way your bookmarks will reach new audiences and you get to share the printing expenses, allowing you to produce more bookmarks for distribution.

 Business Cards

Try variety. Print a variety of design for your business cards. You can then introduce these designs to the public and via online. Anything that will generate interest is already a plus point in your marketing campaign.

Again, make it personal.  During book events and other book promotion engagements, personally hand your cards to people, introduce yourself, and strike a conversation. Establishing rapport is essential in promoting your brand and establishing yourself as a serious author.

Cards for all seasons. Your business card is your constant marketing tool. No matter what book or material you are currently promoting, you need business cards. Produce cards that are season-based. You can deliver these business cards to contacts, thus renewing ties and constantly updating your audience.

Digital Sell Sheets

Email Campaign. This is easy because you already have your mailing list. The great thing about digital sell sheets is that you can forward them to your target audience for free. You can also ask for comments, reactions, and at the same time answer inquiries if there are any.

Online visibility. Maximize your digital sell sheet by promoting it through social media and other frequently visited sites. Online visibility can also generate discussions and reviews, increasing your brand’s publicity.

Mobilize online contacts. When emailing your contacts, include a call to action to send your digital sell sheet to their contacts list as well. Never underestimate the power of sharing posts and chain mail. Not only you are generating interests and increasing publicity, you are also tapping marketing manpower.