The 2019 Frankfurt International Book Fair is just around the corner. This year ReadersMagnet, will join the annual event for the third consecutive year. ReadersMagnet believes that book fair content distribution is one of the best book promotion services a self-published author can avail.

  1. The Frankfurt International Book Fair is the world’s largest book fair. Frankfurter International Book Fair gathers more than 280,000 participants and visitors each year. With over 100 participating countries, thousands of authors, publishers, digital media experts, artist, performers, content providers, and book lovers come together for the annual FIBF. Last year, 7,300 exhibitors took part in the weeklong event.
A day in Frankfurt International Book Fair.
  1. The 2019 Frankfurt International Book Fair is an annual five-day event. The FIBF maintains a unique format. Day 1 to day 3 (The event is exclusive to trade participants):
  2. Authors
  3. Exhibitors
  4. Book agents
  5. Antiquarians
  6. Service Providers
  7. Content Providers
  8. Guest Personalities
  9. Multi-media companies
  10. Professional and trade associations
  11. Other invited guests from various sectors

Day 4-5: The Fair is open to public, for a fee.

  • Each year, the Frankfurt International Book Fair has a Guest of Honour. The tradition began in 1976 where in BIBF chooses focus of interest. A special literary program is organized for the chosen country. The program includes readings, exhibitions, public talks, theatre productions, and other media presentations. A special hall is set up for the guest country. The 2019 Frankfurt International Book Fair will feature Norway as the Guest of Honour.
2018 Peace Prize of the German Book Trade, Aleida and Jan Assmann.
  • Frankfurt International book Fair yearly gives out two prestigious awards. The first is the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade. Since 1950, the awarding ceremony is held in the famous Frankfurter Paulskirche.  The second award is the Bookseller/Diagram Prize for the Oddest Title of the Year. The award aims to poke fun at the book with the oddest book title. It was first awarded in the year 1970.
Meeseturm tower in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Frankfurt International Book Fair means Messeturm, spots, food, and wine. There’s more to book displays, presentations, and performances when attending the annual FIBF. The venue features the Messerturm or the Trade Tower. It is an 843-ft building. It is the second tallest building in both Frankfurt and Germany and the third tallest building in the European Union. Participants also get a chance to visit the Gutenberg Museum, stroll along Leipzig Street lined with specialty shops, small bookstores, a coffee-roasting, a wine shop, and souvenir shop. Of course, no FIBF is complete without tasting the German delicacies over the 5-day event.
  • Frankfurt International Book Fair offers a variety of event discounts. From budget offering on fair stands to showroom packages, BIBF offers a variety of discounts and markdowns. First-time joiners are also in for special packages and exclusive offers. Frankfurter Buchmesse also offers discounts in marketing services, guaranteeing 100% fair success.
  •  The Frankfurt International Book Fair is also a multi-sectoral event. The 2019 FIBF is expected to be participated by representatives from various sectors. Apart from publishers, exhibitors, book agents, academics, booksellers, and marketing experts, attendance also includes multi-media companies, content providers, film producers, illustrators, artists, multimedia suppliers, and trade associations to name a few.
  • Frankfurt International Book Fair has global marketing network. Frankfurt International Book Fair coordinates with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs tapping international book offices. These are informational offices set up in the most in-demand markets around the globe namely New Delhi, New York, Moscow, and Beijing, with contacts in Brazil and Southeast Asia. It means that book marketing is not confined within the trade fair grounds. Frankfurt International Book Fair commits to promoting your brand around the globe, all year round.
  • The Frankfurt International Book Fair is also the world’s oldest book fair. The Frankfurt Buchmesse’s book fair tradition spans more than 500 years and has a rich cultural significance. The Frankfurter Buchmesse is Europe’s most prestigious book fair, and one of the world’s most important book events. To be a part in the world’s book fair is a truly remarkable feat.
  • Worldwide media coverage of the 2019 Frankfurt International Book Fair. As the world’s biggest, oldest and probably the most prestigious book event, FIBF attracts international media coverage during the five-day event. FIBF gathers not only the largest crowd in a book trade fair but also the biggest media contingent in a literary event. As per, around 10,000 journalists and bloggers will show up and report during the 5-day book fair. And that doesn’t include representatives from the government media institutions.
  • There is strong presence of publishing companies from the United States. In recent years, a number of established traditional and independent publishing houses from all over the United States made their presence felt in the previous FIBF. Established print andpublishing companies such as Penguin, Crown, Delacorte, Morrow, Putnam, and Simon&Schuster were just some of the U.S.-based publisher who participated these past few years.

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