There are different ways to sell books directly to readers at book events. As a matter of fact, every author has their own personal way of promoting their book and their brand as an author. Literary events not only bring you sales but also provides feedback on what readers think about your book or what they look for in a book. Events like this, drive readers to know more about the author as the author invested their time knowing the readers as well.

Here are a few tips for authors on how to sell at book events:

1. Register early

One ways to sell books is to register early for the book event as early as possible. By registering early, you get a head start on your book marketing and promotion before the event. This also gives you more time to publish – and market – a new edition of your book.

You might also want to enjoy early bird discounts that book event organizers offer to early registrants. This will leave you with more money to create quality marketing materials and giveaways to bring to the book event.

2. Marketing

Now that you have registered, spread the word about your book and appearance at the event. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Tell your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues – at least anyone who loves to read books and would love to attend a book event.
  • Email your subscribers.
  • Write about it on your blog.
  • Post on social media – and tag a few people who would be interested in the event. Don’t forget to use hashtag also.
  • Pin on your church or community bulletin board.

3. Bring what you need

Aside from the obvious, what else do you need to bring? Here’s a quick checklist of items to bring with you if you have a display table at the book event:

  • Laptop (to play your book trailer if you have one), power cord, and power source (in case you do not have easy access to electricity at the venue)
  • Business cards
  • Display materials such as posters, table banners, flyers, and brochures
  • Bookmarks, stickers, and pins for people who will drop by at your table
  • Tote bags for people who will buy copies of your book
  • Bookstand and bookrack (to display your book nicely) and easel backs (to mount your posters on)
  • Tablecloth (to properly display your book and accessories)
  • Tie-ins or freebies to pair your book with

4. Make your table look inviting

Most book events provide plain uncovered tables on which to display your books and other items. If you want to attract people to your table and sell books, you need to make your table look inviting. Another ways to sell books is to use a coloured table cloth that signifies your book.

So many publication events feature tables with stacks of books. Sloppy piles of books on your table will turn off potential readers. Display your book nicely by stacking them on a book rack.

So many book events feature tables with stacks of books. Sloppy piles of books on your table will turn off potential readers. Display your book nicely by stacking them on a book rack.

5. Bring your best work

If you have multiple titles, which ones will you be displaying at the book event? Certainly, your best works.

If you have more than one book out, bring in 20-50 copies each, depending on size and weight, to live up your table, plus a few complimentary copies to give away to literary agents, publishers, and even fellow others who request a copy.

6. Arrive early

As the old saying goes, “the early bird catches the worm.” That saying could very well apply to authors who arrive at the venue early to set up their display, hoping to impress attendees right away as soon as the book event starts. This means you are ready to engage with potential readers.

7. Offer freebies and giveaways

Just like any publicity events, attendees always look for free items. Have a supply of bookmarks, stickers, and pins on hand to help promote your book if people don’t buy on the spot. On the other hand, buyers get a tote back, postcard, and a poster.

8. Have fun and Make friends 

It’s what you attend the event for. When attending book events, you should have a cheerful disposition and enjoy engaging with readers and connecting with fellow authors.

According to a marketing experts “Make friends: Get to know the bookstore people, but not just on the day of the event. Go in prior and make friends, tell them who you are and maybe even hand them your flier or bookmark (or a stack if you can)”.

9. Engage the attendees

To sell at book events, get proactive in making a sale. Don’t just sit behind the stack of books and wait for people to come to your table.

Get up and reach out to the attendees and get them interested in your book. Explain what your book is all about. Outline the benefits, and then close the sale. Nudge them into buying your book, but don’t forget to wear your smile.

10. Make it easy for readers to buy your book

Make sure your titles come in eBook and digital formats for digital savvy readers. Moreover, be ready to accept cash, and credit cards. If you run out of copies? Have your book ordering information available. Use your business cards for this purpose.

There are different ways to sell books at book events. In fact, book events are not only to sell book this is a strategic marketing to introduce a book on the market and promote an author brand.

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