Writing a strong SEO content is essential in optimizing your page and marketing your brand, in general. Competition fuels the SEO industry and it is important to produce quality articles that will generate links and increase traffic to your site. Ensuring well-researched, error-free, genuine articles is the only way to achieve this. While the ideas, data, and concepts depend on the writer, we believe these 10 SEO article writing tools will help writers craft articles that meet the standards in both form and content.

Ilys Ilys is the perfect writing tool for those who are having trouble drafting their article. The app requires you to set a word count goal. Once set, you need to write and write until you reach the desired number of words. Ilys encourages you to focus first on your draft and later edit your work. You can work multiple sessions for longer materials such as novels or reports. It allows you to monitor your daily word count and progress on a particular project. Soovle Whether you are SEO through blogging or simply writing content for your site, Soovle is a great help. The apps generate keywords that you can use as well as keywords that others are searching. Soovle makes it a lot simple. All you have to do is visit the site and type the word related to your industry. It then displays the top words for Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, and Answers. Ginger Ginger is the complete writing tool as far as content writing. It does grammar checking, sentence rephrasing, translation and features a dictionary, text reader, and a personal training to help upgrade your English writing skills. With the Ginger app, you are unlikely to make any mistakes.  Zenpen Sometimes all we want is a simple tool with simple features and free from unnecessary complexities. Zenpen offers just that. You just type in your ideas and hit the save button once your done or reached the pre-set word count. It’s that simple. And yes, it’s completely free. Enough said. Squirrly Probably the most comprehensive writing tool, Squirrly is a must have for all SEO content writers. Aside from the usual features that other tools have, Squirlly has the state of the art Squirrly Live Assistant. Through its SEO Plugin, users can produce their articles on WordPress and the rest is a walk in the park. The Plugin features a keyword research tool, copyright-free images, and prompt buttons representing various aspect of your content. These buttons turn green once you’ve achieved the standard fo reach button. Squirrly turns newbies into writing experts in no time, to say the least. Unsplash Creating SEO content is not limited to words. Readers are likely to stay longer on a site or page with visual elements. Sites with visual elements such as infographics, diagrams, charts, and pictures are easy to link. For high-resolution images without the trouble with copyrighted images, Unsplash is the right tool for you. PaperRater Every SEO content writer wants to publish only the best, well-balanced article, original articles. Perfect proofreading is every writer’s dream. PaperRater is all about in-depth proofreading. What PaperRater offers is instant and accurate results not only for standard proofreading but plagiarism check as well. Through its cloud-based software, the tool is able to run your text and display analysis with a few clicks. Regarded as the most comprehensive and powerful in online proofreading, PaperRater is a must-have tool for every SEO content writer. Readable Quality content is the aim of every SEO content writer. Good articles are able to attract readers and generate good reviews and hopefully increase site traffic. And if you have an app that measures your article’s readability, wouldn’t it be perfect? Readable features cutting edge accuracy, content analysis, URL+website scoring, and keyword analysis among others.  ProWriting Aid Prowriting Aid is a tool that is very popular among writers. Its features are not limited to typos, grammar and spell checking. ProWriting Aid notifies the users on overused words as well as hard to digest paragraphs. Once you’re done writing your material, you can run a series of reports that cover the grammar, style, and other aspects. The report generates a grading system, allowing the users to weigh and review the article. Hemmingway SEO Content writing poses a number of requirements: keywords, meta, links, and there’s the article itself. One aspect that SEO experts point out is the length of sentences and paragraphs.  They recommend articles written in long-form. However, writers must use short sentences and paragraphs when expressing points and ideas. Readers prefer simple and concise sentences. Hemmingway is a great help for these concerns. Aside from the usual spelling and grammar check, the tool points out long and complex sentences as well. Check our Seo Through Blogging and signed up with us today. Call us at 1-800-805-0762 | 619-354-2643 or email us at info@beta.readersmagnet.com.