Are YOU Breathing?

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Gretchen Reininga-Yates

Published Date: September 8, 2022
Pages: 92

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A Guided Image Meditation For People With Anxiety Driven Addictions

(Using your breath)
This book is a map through the realms
of your irrational emotions into a
clear bright place, free of anxiety.

You are no more your emotions
than the clouds are the sky.
Both are important, however,
the clouds are for weather and
your emotions are for character.

This book is about practicing the art of attention
and relaxation using your breath to manage
your emotions as the wind manages the clouds.

Gretchen Reininga- Yates

“The Author lives on a small island in the Puget Sound and has done in-depth work in meditations including Vipassana; Kundalini; Transcendental; Dynamic and others focused on breathing whether in motion or sitting. She wrote this book in the cadence of breathing so you will know you can manage your emotions with your breath to discover the fabulous freedom from anxiety driven cravings.”


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