A marketing tool that enables you to develop materials that will talk about your brand, collect traffic, cement your online reputation, and of course, widen your target market- SEO Through Blogging is indeed one of the potent, yet often times untapped power of self-published authors.

maintaining a SEO-quality blog site

An image showing the site traffic before and after maintaining a SEO-quality blog site.


How Blogging Contributes to SEO?

Writing blogs and producing relevant content for your website in general, is the main ingredient for your Search Engine Optimization campaign. Through your blog articles you are able to communicate with your target audience and to the whole online community. One cannot possibly engage with their target market without a venue or platform to talk about their product or services. Furthermore, writing blogs for your sites allows you the following:

  • Post fresh content on your website
  • Use your well-researched keywords
  • Increase your brand’s popularity
  • Display images of your brand/product
  • Promote your product in Social Media


Ten Undeniable Benefits of SEO Through Blogging


  1. Constant fresh content. Because SEO through blogging requires that you provide fresh content on a regular basis, your site is often ‘refreshed’, making it dynamic and always relevant.
  2. Increase online visibility. Fresh blogs invite visitors and eventually regular visitors. These readers will eventually recommend your site to friends, thus making your site known to others.
  3. Easy rank for keywords. Keywords attracts people searching for a specific information. These searchers can be your potential customers. SEO through blogging allows you to put your well-researched keywords into your articles, indexed pages, and even in social media platforms.
  4. Able to Acquire Backlinks. There are a number of ways to link build but writing blogs on relevant topics and linking it to other refutable sites is one of the easier processes you can do.
  5. Grow your internal linking. This is probably the most basic- linking your pages and your site in your blog articles. Doing otherwise, defeats the whole purpose of writing blogs.
  6. More Traffic and Engagement. This is self-explanatory. More blog articles mean more readers. More readers mean more site visitors and more comments, reactions, and inquiries.
  7. Solidify your authority online. Posting blogs allows you to talk about certain relevant topics and educating a lot of people in the process. Eventually, people will seek your opinion on matters.
  8. Better user experience. Search engines like Google want sites to be user-friendly and offer readers updated information. Infographics and interesting images help attract site visitors.
  9. Helps improve online reputation. Having your posts rank in Google will let people know that you mean business and that you are a legit entity online. SEO blogging is like having a hype man.
  10. More social media advertisement. Your optimized (SEO quality) articles are not limited in your site. They must find their way into your social media accounts, thus more social media publicity.


will ultimately land you in Google's first page

Providing regular blog content for a certain topic or event will ultimately land you in Google’s first page.


Choosing the Right Partner for Your SEO Blogging Needs

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