You’re Kidding…I’m A Senior?

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Renee’ Servello

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"Prepare to Meet Your Maker" is a book of short articles that address the most important issues of life: God, man, sin, separation from God, forgiveness, death, judgment, and eternity. Once a person dies or once Jesus appears, it is too late to seek forgiveness. The Bible makes it clear that God is going to judge the world (people) someday because of man's sinfulness. Only God knows the judgment date. That date can be any day now. The author hopes the articles contained herein will show the reader how to GET ready and Stay ready for Jesus' inevitable return. No one will escape God's judgment. Only those who have repented and put their faith in Jesus Christ will escape punishment because God has gracefully forgiven their sins on account of His Son's – Jesus Christ's – death.

Renee Servello

Renee’ has a keen eye for observing the aging process. In her view there are a million laughs to be had and enjoyed by all with these processes which we all go through.
Her pithy sayings are hilarious, helpful and always true. Each new year leads to bizarre discoveries and humorous conclusions about the realities of growing older or as she prefers to think of it as the GROWING UP period.
This book will have you looking at your own growing up period with many laughs and more enjoyment.


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