Yahweh: “God’s Name Forever” (Exodus 3:15) – PAPERBACK


Format: Paperback
Published Date: August 12, 2021
Pages: 50
ISBN: 9781954371521

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Dr. Huebscher has found that very few people know God's name during his years of learning and teaching others. Of those who do, they do not really consider where He got it, why, or what it means. He has written this booklet to both help and encourage Christians to know God and His name. He trusts this booklet will further your knowledge of the One who gave His all for those who were His enemy. That is true love.

Joe Huebscher

“Dad” Huebscher was a refugee from poverty in Switzerland who was given sufficient funds to come to the United States while in his late teens. He then went to northern Wisconsin where land was cheap, a dollar an acre. Having found a sixteen-year-old girl, he married and raised a family of twelve children of which Joe was number eleven. Joe never got to know his mother as she died when he was only three. A big change came to his life when the family moved to Minneapolis when he was fifteen. There he came to know the Lord and began his Bible training in college and in seminary. Having finished his own formal schooling in 1968, he began teaching in a Bible College and later in seminary. Since 1991 he has been teaching by invitation in various countries. In his last year of doing so, he taught in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and India. During this phase of his life, he had to support himself by being a carpenter. Currently, he is living with his wife of 55 years in retirement in northern Georgia.


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