Writings From The Heart: A Collection Of Narrative Poems, Lyric Poems, and Essays – KINDLE


Format: Kindle
Published Date: May 17, 2022
Pages: 278
ISBN: 978-1-956780-56-7

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Friends Here…There…Everywhere…focuses on encouraging children to discover healthy friendships during their first encounter outside home. It uses everyday events to strengthen community awareness, and suggests ways to make and keep friends. It also teaches children about opposites and adverbs. Friends here…There…Everywhere…provides opportunities for children and adults to discuss the meaning of friendship and becoming good citizens or positive community role models. The characters Brandi, Salvatore, Lee, Lori, and Erika enjoy playing together, pretending, sharing, and caring for each other. They explore their community and build friendships that remain through out time. Young children will find the cartoon images playful and enjoyable. This book will appeal to readers because it is educational, age appropriate, easy to read, and has attractive colorful pictures that stimulate a child's imagination, so, they can confidently dream, interact and make friends. The characters are positive role models. Also, adults have an opportunity to share their childhood memories, strengthen relationship bonds and develop more effective communication.

Candice Uy Chan

Candice Uy Chan grew up in a household where books were always present. During her school years, she would spend hours in the Library poring over books. Having a vivid imagination and a natural affinity for the English language, she decided to try her hand at Creative Writing. Encouraged by the results, she has continued to write over the years. She continues to find inspiration in the things, people, and experiences around her. She currently resides in Manila, Philippines.


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