Wounded On God’s Altar, In The Army Of The Lord. And Betrayed On The Lord’s Front Line: The Wounded Minister Vs Soldier – KINDLE



Format: Kindle
Published Date: December 23, 2022
Pages: 88
ISBN: 978-1-959761-10-5

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Both The wounded Gospel minister and the wounded soldier; though from different forces work and do similar jobs albeit for different masters. Both follow similar principles in the mode of work. Both of them have their different command hierarchy `where they get orders as they do their job. Both have enemies even though they fight different wars. Indeed they both have and use weapons to fight. Like all casualties the wounded are helped by comrades on the same battlefront who, if possible take them to hospital or sickbay and try their best to ensure they survive the wounds inflicted by the enemy. Both the evangelist and soldier follow similar cardinal principle: They have to obey as orders from their high command: the basic is to cover and protect one’s colleague and to be in the spirit of unity and oneness for them to coordinate their activities very well. Incidentally when it comes to the wounded gospel minister, his friends, or fellow ministers forget the code of unity and don’t cover their fellow minister and, instead of the good fight aimed at helping their fellow minister to recover from wounds, they cover him with negative publicity and if he doesn't die quickly, they want to bury him alive. Everybody turns against them. With all their wounds they eventually succumb moral and spiritual death.

Joseph Karasanyi

Bishop Joseph Karasanyi. along with his wife Rose Karasanyi. are founders and church planters of deliverance Churches in Rwanda Congo and other countries. He received Christ in 1980 when Jesus appeared to him in his bedroom. And he started serving the Lord in 1982. Bishop Joseph Karasanyi is the president and founder of Restore Ministries operating in many parts of Africa including Rwanda, Congo, Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and also in the Middle East. With apostolic anointing, he has planted hundreds of churches in these countries. And he has also been busy promoting education through building Christian schools in different places.Joseph is also the founder and CEO of JRK Ministries International based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. He has traveled extensively throughout Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the Caribbean islands, the USA, and more than fifty countries worldwide preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. He has organized large evangelical crusades all over Africa and the Middle East working with other evangelical ministries and international organizations. Today, he has a message of Jesus’s coming back and a ministry of awakening of ministers of the gospel to return to their roots and empowering the wounded ministers and frustrated gospel ministers not to give up their ministries, for their Master is at the door coming back.


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