Wonder Streams of the Soul – KINDLE


Craig Carpenter Downer

Format: Ebook
Published Date: July 12, 2022
Pages: 522 pages
ISBN: 978-1-954371-36-1

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Wonder-Streams of the Soul is a beautiful inspiring collection of poems and philosophical passages accompanied by exquisite images–all reaped from a lifetime of vast, diverse and treasured experiences and insights! Its conceptions confront life’s most crucial dilemmas and are soul-liberating. They draw upon profound lessons of the past while simultaneously tapping future-oriented visions. The book unites imagination and visions of the soul with workings of logic and revelations of science. As befits life’s true nature, it marvelously brings heart and mind together. By uniting diverse even opposite facets, it opens a beautiful vision of hope for all life’s future by which to guide our steps. Conceived by a keen, truth-seeking intelligence as well as an exquisite moral and aesthetic sense, Wonder-Streams of the Soul blossoms with meanings that cry out for recognition today and that can be brought to life by anyone humbly open to receiving them by means of the power and majesty of words.

Craig Carpenter Downer

Craig’s amazing life has put him in touch w/ diverse places, cultures & species around the world. He has worked in S. Am, US & Europe. A life-long truth seeker, he has delved into all branches of biology majoring in ecology & studied philosophy, history, music, English, French & Spanish. With an innate affinity for all diverse kinds he grew up around wilderness along the NV-CA border which he explored on his horse Poco & w/ family. He has worked for animal/eco NGOs, studied/taught at universities, been a plaintiff, testified in Congress & did a ground-breaking telemetric study of the endangered Andean Tapir. He defends this keystone species, wild horses & all Perissodactyla through his non-profit Andean Tapir Fund. He offers talks on these important but disappearing species which with his publications instigate more studies/nature reserves. An IUCN SSC member, he wrote its Andean Tapir Action Plan. He’s a NV Poetry Soc. member, plays piano, composes melodies & has guided nature films.


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