Where in the World is God? Humanity as Mirror

$ 40.49

Hope Raymond

Published Date: September 30, 2022
Pages: 530


“Where in the World is God?” traces the development of humanity’s psycho/spiritual growth through history. Seen in the form of a play, humans and other living beings, plus the world stage on which they find themselves, live out their unique roles in various stages of history. Though each era reveals the psychological growth of humanity as a whole, this book is focused on today’s world.

Hope Raymond

Hope Raymond’s life has centered around her love of the world, and her interest in psychology/religion/philosophy, education and writing. She has traveled extensively, and has written a book, “Four Moons,” about her experiences on a three-month trip through nine countries around the world by herself at age seventy. She earned degrees in English (B.A.), Elemenmtary Education (M.A.T.), and GTheology (M.Div.), and has taught in all age groups.


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