When God Says NO!: A Celebration of Adversity – PAPERBACK


Benjamin F. Simmons Jr.

Format: Paper Back
Published Date: November 3, 2023
Pages:  134
ISBN: 979-8-89091-306-7

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The mystery of Gods Will and Way are deliberately reserved for revelation in time and season by his choosing alone. The subject of this journey necessarily considers a hypothetical case study for human suffering with a supporting thesis. No one is exempt from suffering throughout life. Unfortunately, biblical disclosure remains completely void of plausible apologetics for adversity. Contrary to academic resolve, man does not have the intellectual capacity to gauge or comprehend the perfect Will of God. Neither can the divine objectives of God for one's life be reverse engineered from biblical accounts.

The glory and divine assignments of God also remains void of duplication. What was for Peter, was not for Paul. It is however safe to claim that the Will of God is good for all without appeal. Nevertheless, you may ponder why the Goodness and Power of God permits suffering from cradle to grave? Suffering appears to play a systematic role in the human experience. You are not alone. After you complete this literary investigation, you will at least know that an undisclosed good follows each storm of life.

Theological consensus may implicate five (5) biblical culprits for suffering to include: the imputed sin of a predecessor, a self-inflicted hardship due to unhealthy or ill advise risks, Gods punitive response to individual sin, Demonic powers, or the works of God for a greater glory. It is the latter that predisposes the narrative of this book. Better grab a handkerchief, this journey collides adversity and a symphony of broken hearts.

Benjamin F. Simmons Jr.

Benjamin F Simmons Jr. Author is a native of Hampton Virginia. He completed his undergraduate studies in Computer Science which subsequently matriculated to a 20-year stint as a Department of Defense (DOD) contractor. During this period, he learned the struggle between nations and its curious similarity to the struggle between human circumstance. In both cases there is a need for assistance from a higher authority. The tragic loss of his wife to cancer at a young age revealed God will sometimes deny a prayer request for a greater calling.


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