What Is Your Dream?

$ 2.99

John Korszyk

Published Date: May 17, 2023
Pages: 94


Dreamers achieve success without limits through God's divine plan.

Many times, we hear the saying "Knowledge is power." But that is not necessarily the case: Those who understand this know that, in fact, applied knowledge is power!

In this book, the author introduces three basic qualifiers: be excellent, be outstanding, and be different. In this manner, he takes the reader on a quick tour to reinforce these concepts that hold special importance in the context of education and interpersonal relationships, giving detailed explanations in order to apply them to our lives.

Follow John and learn the keys to personal discipline, overcoming difficulties, and making your dreams come true.

John Korszyk

John Korszyk is a teacher, founder, and president of Voice of the Family Ministries, Inc. He is a man who lives the way he writes.

He is also known for his podcast and short inspirational messages for all ages and families. He is also the author of the very amazing Spanish book “Expansion” you can visit his website at vozdelafamilia.com and check his podcast at his youtube account (John Korszyk).



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