What I Want to Give – PAPERBACK


Format: Paperback
Published Date: November 9,2017
Pages: 24
Dimension: 5×0.1×8
ISBN: 9781947765450

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What can you give your child when gifts seem fleeting? What is the one thing that is everlasting? Every parent, grandparent, guardian, and caregiver wants to give their child the best they can provide. There is one thing every child needs. Only one thing never ends.
Love, the perfect gift.

Myrika J. Jackson

Author Myrika Jackson is a stay-home, homeschooling mom of four children. Myrika Jackson started telling stories as a way of entertaining her two little sisters. As she grew, the stories became more and more elaborate. Escaping into a world of fantasy was her favorite thing to do with her sisters, and still is. Now she shares her love of stories with her son and three daughters. It was only natural for her to express her love for her children through the art of storytelling. She hopes to pass on her love of learning and creating to her children.


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