We Lost Our House

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Teresita Bartolome

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"Teresa’s father has lost his job and therefore cannot pay for the house mortgage. They have to move out. Teresa has to lose many things that she holds dear—even her best friend, Anne. How can her feeling of sadness and helplessness be helped?

This book explores everyone’s feelings of loss. In the grieving process, there are different kinds of emotions we have to deal with including sadness, anger, denial, and guilt. Children go through the same process. Children are affected by the loss of any kind especially of being uprooted and moved from one place to another. These feelings sometimes manifest into some kind of behavior problem that can be temporary or permanent."

Teresita Bartolome

Teresita A. Bartolome is a retired Kindergarten teacher with Special Needs. She lives in California. She has 3 children and 5 grandchildren.


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