We Can Do More and Better With Less

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Thomas F. Kelly

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Thomas F. Kelly, Ph.D. is a lifelong educator with over 50 years of experience from Pre-K through the doctoral level as a teacher and administrator. Dr. Kelly's academic training includes a Bachelors degree and 5 Graduate degrees. Professional experience includes working with Poor and minority, Middle class, affluent Students and adults. The only limitation on peoples' ability to learn is how many opportunities they have to learn. I believe if we rate the ability of all students to learn and the capacity of the present system to teach on a scale from 1 to 10, students ability is 10 and the systems capacity to teach is 1.

Thomas F. Kelly

We are currently a nation of underachievers. This book describes in detail how we can move from our present disfunctionally designed 19th Century school system to a 21st-century system designed to deliver high achievement for all students. The present system is failing all students in terms of learning to their true ability levels. We can eliminate the achievement gap between races, genders and economic classes and do it all with existing resources or less. This is a win – win – win book. Students win, teachers win, parents and taxpayers win. Money is not the problem. How we spend money is.


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