Wayward Winds of a Profession – PAPERBACK


Norman Hall

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July 22, 20228
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Emmitee Wilson Grew up on a ranch in central Texas near the Village of Sparta. He attended school at Sparta High School. The enrollment was some 155 students with only 57 students in high school. This limited enrollment placed the high school in the lowest classification of sports taking part in the state league organization. Sparta was assigned to the six men football organization.
Sparta was only a small village consisting of a cotton gin, a cedar post yard, the school, and eleven houses making up the village population. In addition, to the students coming from the village the balance coming from the rural area of the district.
Six-man football was the main attraction of the community life in the district. The village and community supported the football team with exaggerated enthusiasm and spirit. Emmitee served as the quarterback during his sophomore, junior, and senior years of high school. His passing ability set him apart as an outstanding athlete in the six-man football league.

Norman Hall

I grew up near the small town of Killeen, Texas and Graduated from Killeen High School. I taught in a one room country school before completing my bachelor of science degree at Texas A&M University. Not only that, but I was commissioned as a 2nd Lt in the US Army and served four Years before returning to Killeen and becoming a secondary school principal. As a school administrator, I went on to earn a master’s degree and a doctors degree. I now live in McQueeny, Texas.


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