War Of The Gods: The Second Alliance

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Nelson Mendez

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War of the Gods is the magnificent conclusion to Allegiance the adventure begins. Like allegiance it is a spectacular adventure from cover to cover that will keep you in suspense and you will want to read this book again and again. The action never lets up. If you like Sci-Fi, humor, and superheroes you will love, War of the Gods, for I tell you it even exceeds Allegiance.

Nelson Mendez

Nelson Mendez was raised in Union City, NJ in the United States since the age of three. As a young child, Nelson discovered he liked to draw and often made his own comic books. He studied a little at a private business school in Union City. At the age of 26 years old, he started writing Allegiance since it was his 1st book it took him a few years to finish it. He had the manuscript on him for a few years until his wife read it and insisted that he should publish it. Nelson hopes that you enjoy reading War of the Gods: Allegiance The Second Alliance as much as he enjoyed writing it.


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