Visions of Destiny

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Edward R. Lipinski

Published Date: April 4, 2023
Pages: 330

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From all appearances, Henry Gainsvort seemed to be a typical, average boy. But at the tender age of 8 years old Henry had an uncanny vision where he glimpsed into the future and saw an event happen moments before it actually occurred. As Henry matured, he had many more visions of the future—a brief glimpse into destiny
However, Henry's prognostications were not always pleasant or fortunate, and soon his friends and acquaintances became guarded and wary of Henry and his weird predictions. Interest and curiosity turned into skepticism and suspicion. People avoided him because they didn't want to hear his dark forecasts of the future and he soon became a social outcast.
Living alone in a dismal apartment in Sunset Park Henry resolved never to reveal his visions to anybody for fear that they would ridicule, distrust, and ostracize him. His reclusive hermit-like existence changed when a chance meeting with Augie Martello, a neighbor in his building, blossomed into a close friendship.
Adhering to his resolve, Henry tried to keep his clairvoyance a secret from his good friend, Augie, until an unexpected event brought it out in the open. Much to Henry’s surprise Augie was not put off by his visions. In fact, Augie encouraged Henry to use his predictive powers to make money. Together they visited casinos and racetracks to see if Henry could predict the outcome of gaming events.
Just when success was within their grasp, Henry had a tragic vision that ended everything and Henry was all alone again. Later another vision showed Henry that he could use his powers to reap rewards in a different realm. This time he was successful, but his sudden prosperity attracted the attention of the federal government and it moved to stop him.
Henry went back to his mundane reclusive existence. He continued to have visions but he was able to conceal them so no one would suspect that Henry Gainsvort was anything but an average ordinary guy. Everything was going well for Henry until he had a vision that was more alarming than any that he had ever had. He knew that he had to go to the authorities and sound the alarm, but when he did, he was met with ridicule and derision.
But the laughter and mockery stopped when the tragic event happened exactly as Henry predicted. At that point, the authorities knew that Henry Gainsvort was no mere screwball and they moved to isolate him and keep him under close observation. Before that could happen, however, Henry had two more visions: one of a violent and devastating accident and another dazzling vision that was a portent of a grand and glorious beginning yet to come.

Edward R. Lipinski

Edward R. Lipinski has worked in publishing and advertising for 40+ years. He has worked as an art director, graphic designer, illustrator, and writer. He wrote and illustrated the home improvement column for the New York Times for over five years and is the author of Pucasso, The Cat Who Wanted To Be An Artist, a children’s book; The New York Times Home Repair Almanac; and Tiling: The Installation Handbook. Werewolf On Madison Avenue is his first novel.





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