Understanding God’s Overall Plan: Bible Handbook For The Novice To The Senior Pastor – HARDBACK


Format: Hardback
Published Date: November 4, 2020
Pages: 304
ISBN: 9781953616326

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How many Christians do you know that are fluent in ancient Hebrew and Greek? I'm talking about Pastors, Evangelists, Sunday School Teachers, College Professors and all those who produce the quarterlies, lesson plans and study guides for the hierarchy of your church. A follow-up question would be: Do you know for sure that the people preparing all of your "Christian" literature and information are Christians? ANSWER: Everyone I have asked the first question over the last fifty years while counseling, shook their head and replied. "I don't know any." The answer to the follow-up question, sad to say, many are not Christians. The point is, the only sure way of finding what the original scriptures were talking about is to go to the original language in which they were written. To do less is to deceive yourself out of God's plans for your life.

David Murdoch

David Murdoch has read and studied the Bible most of his life. He was the pastor of a small church in the Houston, Texas area in the early seventies where he began counseling people with all manner of problems. He states “”many of the troubles in people’s lives happen as a result of poor Bible knowledge. “”Once he discovered the languages were available to anyone using the original Strong’s Concordance, the Bible became even more important in helping people. The author found that many of the beliefs held by numerous churches were based on the traditions of men rather than scripture. David firmly believes that when we please God, He is honor-bound to bless us. He has also found that many of our health issues come as a result of not following God’s food laws which were never done away with. The author has found through experience that not everyone who carries a Bible knows how to use it properly. Many teach traditions believing it is based on solid ground. With the aid of the manuscripts, the Bible will take on a new freshness and many confusing things are now made clear. David is now able to put things in the Bible in a more palatable form, especially for those who are searching. Traditions are exposed for what they are and hidden truth is brought to light. David gives two of his mentors, Dr. Arnold Murray and David Ebaugh, the credit for opening doors with regard to the manuscripts. David believes the Bible has all the information we need about the past, present, and future already recorded for us by a loving Father. The answer to any of life’s situations is already written. All we have to do is find it and apply it to our lives.


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