Uncle Jethro’s Guide to the Sixth Sense – PAPERBACK


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Published Date: September 23, 2019
Pages: 116
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ISBN: 9781950947195

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"What if your natural gifts were heightened to a level beyond your imagination? What was once merely a gut feeling can become an extremely heightened sense of clarity. Uncle Jethro's guide book provides step-by-step instruction and fascinating true life experiences to help you understand your own natural intuition. Everything resonates at a vibrational frequency, and these energetic vibes are often sensed as a subtle feeling of ""knowing"" but can also be vividly seen, heard, and felt. Did you know that positive or negative intent such as gossip can ""stick"" to your energy field in sound and texture?
If a frequency is vibrating fast enough, it is emitted as a color of light. If a frequency is vibrating slightly slower, it is emitted as sound. By resonating at a higher energetic vibration, you can empower your natural psychic intuition and tune-in to the metaphysical world, enabling clarity of your gut feelings and sixth sense. Numbers, symbols, and archetypes are tools used throughout the ages, and Jethro supplements easy, enjoyable tools such as dice and dominoes to awaken one's intuition. All of the tools are merely objects that are being utilized by you and your own personal energy to use in order to help you focus your energies. Employing the exercises, meditations and tools in Uncle Jethro's one-of-a-kind handbook will help you enjoy heightening your sixth sense so that you are able to more fully utilize your abilities to help yourself and others. Part Native American Indian, Jethro was born with the ability to sense, feel, hear, and see the colors of the aura and energies surrounding people and inanimate objects.working only in the realm of light energies, Jethro prepares through protective prayer and meditation daily. He is a certified psychic intuitive and reverend with over 30 years of intuitive work involving missing persons, criminal investigation, unsolved crimes, and spiritual consultations. Jethro believes that everyone has the gift of the sixth sense and all you need is a little positive instruction."

Jethro Smith and Kay Smith

Jethro Smith, part Native American Indian, is a natural-born intuitive whose gift heightened after a near-death experience. In kindergarten he began reading his friends’ auras, communicating with loved ones who had crossed over, and foreseeing future events. Extraordinarily gifted from birth, Jethro was intensely tested and mentored by Master Teachers beginning preschool throughout his twenties, enabling him to control and to develop his abilities in a positive manner. Jethro has been professionally helping others for over 30 years. Many of his long-term clients are kindergarten peers for whom his prophecies came true, and also the children of those peers, who he had predicted. Jethro is certified and registered in The United States National Register of Tested, Certified and Bona Fide Lightworkers, Psychics and Mediums and The World’s Best and Most Trusted Psychics, Mediums and Healers and is listed in Covington Who’s Who. He is a Certified Reiki Master and is founder and host of the award winning blog talk radio show Psychics Gone Wild. He is the author of Living in the Psychic Realm.


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