Ukraine Heroes: Ukraine – PAPERBACK


Alice D. Hickey

Format: Paperback
Published Date: September 30, 2022
Pages: 96
ISBN: 978-1-959165-93-4

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This is an illustrated story about the heroes in the Ukraine war. Alice Daena the author of this book has researched and used her imagination to thoughtfully illustrate this book. Sometimes it is very hard to find the positive in something as serious as a war. Miss Daena tried to focus on the positive aspects of the Ukraine war by writing about the heroes. War is a bad thing but god has promised to bring good out of everything for those who love Christ. In this book Ukraine heroes Miss Daena uses many watercolor illustrations depicting the war heroes. The war heroes include, soldiers, orphans, refugees, civilians, doctors, volunteers, and just people who care. Ukraine heroes will be of interest to people of all ages. It is not just history it is also a good coffee table book. The book Ukraine heroes is very educational for adults and children alike.

Alice D. Hickey

Alice Daena Hickey is an award-winning illustrator turn author. She started her career as an artist at the age of seven. At age seventeen, she already worked as a professional artist for Vincent Price and Rembrandt Studio in St. Louis, Missouri. She had her works exhibited in known galleries locally and internationally. They were auctioned and sold in considerable price. Her work has been featured in Fons and Porter, Angel on Earth, and Art Acquisitor to name a few.


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