Turtle Tales 2 – PAPERBACK


Format: Paperback
Published Date: July 2, 2019
Pages: 30
Dimension: 8.5×0.08152×11
ISBN: 9781950947058

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Dimensions 8.5 × 0.08152 × 11 in

"Squirtle the Turtle, known as Perham's most famous mascot racing turtle, along with his five audacious friends, make their second debut in this whimsical, historical, commemorative book. Together they go on a field trip sharing all about their true-to-life adventure while unveiling some fun facts along the way. What makes this rhyming book appealing is not only the authentic photos but the illustrations depicting the friends' adventure that have been drawn exclusively for TURTLE TALES 2 by a local teen artist.

As my oldest grandson often reminds me, ""Teamwork makes the dream work!"" Oh, so true! Creating this family-friendly book took a talented team working well together toward a common goal—a true blessing. May you and your family be inspired to take some time to ""pond"" er something you could do to reach out and make your corner of the world a little bit brighter. God bless you!"

Heidi Lynn Studer

Heidi Lynn Studer is a Minnesota native and has lived in the Perham area for several years. Educated as an elementary teacher, she currently travels and speaks, and is a certified life coach. She has three grown children. One of her favorite past-times is reading to her grandchildren. Contact Heidi at [email protected]


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