Triple Play!

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Gay Sizemore Sauer

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"Triple Play is a volume of three short stories featuring boys who struggle with bullies or overcoming in themselves the impulse to bully. In the first story, ""A Real Team Player"", Buddy ignores the rudeness some of his friends show toward a newcomer, Benny. All the boys hope to make the community's baseball team, but of the 35 boys going out for the team, only 20 would be selected. Buddy's friends warned him that befriending the newcomer might cost him a position on the team. Buddy decides to do the right thing, even if it cost him a place on the team.

The second story, ""A Real Kracker Jack"", tells the story of a newcomer to the neighborhood who struggles to gain acceptance in spite of having a background that seems foreign to the other kids. They tease him because of his name and accent. He easily could fade into the background to escape the teasing, but instead, he hits upon the use of humor to put his tormentors in their place. His plan is a winner, and everyone profits from his good example.

The third story, ""Tommy's Terror: The Dragon's Teeth"", tells how a rude little bully gets his just reward in the aftermath of pigging out on Halloween candy. His uncomfortable body and the resulting nightmare set him up for a transformation. If all that were not enough, he is facing a dental appointment the next morning. First, however, he must deal with the threatening appearance of a fire-breathing dragon outside his window who threatens to eat him alive!"

Gay Sizemore Sauer

Gay Sizemore Sauer is a native Texan who has lived in many locations, including England and Norway. She is a graduate of West Texas State University in Canyon, Texas, and Montclair State University in Montclair, New Jersey. In high school — Galena Park High School in Galena Park, Texas — she was active in athletics and was sports editor of the school’s newspaper. She wanted to pursue a career in sports journalism, but that was a mostly closed door for young women of her generation, so she settled for her second love, literature, and became an English teacher. When she lived in England, she especially enjoyed visiting the sites honoring the writers she had so long admired. “It was like visiting literary heaven,” she said. Ray and Gay Sauer have traveled to many interesting places in the world, including Antarctica, one of her favorite visits. She has also loved her visits to Egypt (three!) and Greece (two). She has a shelf of travel journals that tell the story of her many tours. She also writes religious material for her church. Mrs. Sauer still enjoys sports, especially major league baseball, and she is an avid fan of the Houston Astros.


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