Treasurer of the Wild

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Nicolas Schiebe

Published Date: July 24, 2023
Pages: 418

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Treasurer of the wild takes the reader into life of a man who was selected expedition specialist trained. As a trained specialist with weaponry, a team started to be formed to take on the journey. The expedition team prepared to head out on the journey to find what the gemstones knew little about in the country. Spread across the surrounding area, these soul artifacts were priceless to a treasurer of the wild. The map leader of the team prepared to guide the way to each location in the country. As he held the answers to their journey, could the gemstones spread around the surrounding area be worth searching for as the treasury of the wild.

Nicolas Schiebe

Nicolas Schiebe, writes passionately inspired by the creative outlets of his structured pieces of work to be brought together into the story that comes to life through each step of the process. Born and raised in Minnesota, he resides in Albertville, thanking god for the blessing of inspiration that pour out from his creative outlets.
As a professional writer, many of my waking hours are spent putting in strenuous hours into my work attempting to perfect my written work. My passion is to delve into the process of developing the story from my ideas, and strive to only use my own to create my story. I take great pride in making sure what I do has been done through my creative ideas to develop my writing.


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