To Freedom Invasion: American History and Political Science – KINDLE


Elijah Anderson Omega         

Format: Kindle
Published Date: May 20, 2022
Pages: 344
ISBN: 978-1-958030-12-7

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Myself being the author of this book, has chosen seven (7) subjects of mind examinations to deliver a true essentiality purpose that is demanded by the voting public. Those subjects are (1) Law: It is an essential tool to administer justice in the court system for all its citizens. (2) American History: Its purpose serves the pass and present events, so the public will know where they came from and where they are going. (3) Political Science: Its purpose is to keep the nation well informed on hos their politicians are serving them. (4) Sociology: Its purpose is to try and build a consolation among different races of certain groups of people, so all persons can be served as needed in any particular situation. (5) Psychology: Its purpose is to study and human mind and try to find out what makes it tick. (6) Economics: Its purpose is to given an up to date data on where this and other countries are faring throughout the entire world in financial stability and what is needed to keep things going in the right direct. Last and finally (7) Philology: Its purpose is to try and determined how individuals think in religion, race, political views, belief in life and death, spirit world, heaven and hell (ESP) and so on.

Elijah Anderson Omega

The author of this book has lived a total of 73 years and two months at the end of July 31, 2014, and he will try to focus on main insights of the people, so the well beings of every person, place, and thing in the United States of America; to give you a light of understanding of all the people and their needs. There are many needs that need to be stressed loudly I personally think the leaders of America have failed, in governing all the people to its fullest in suiting their needs.


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