Times Of Courage

$ 6.99

Louis Tabor

Published Date: September 28, 2022
Pages: 518

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“Times of Courage” is a caring and yet chilling story about the adventures of Karen and Jackson Thomas. Hunting alligators at fourteen, very little to eat, ragged old dirty clothes and terrible living conditions is a life hard to imagine for two young kids. They knew they had to escape from their mean, rotten father or they would die in the everglades swamp. Their bold departure leads them into the caring arms of a black woman, Aunt Grace. Venturing to Winston/Salem N.C. to find good jobs was a dangerous undertaking for the Thomas kids. Along the way Karen faces several life-threatening situations and earns the status of heroine which leads to making TV commercials. Jackson Thomas discovers his love for NASCAR racing and finds a friend to mentor him to the pro circuit. Along the way they gain many friends and find love. Their new life is filled with adventure, problems, and big decisions and they know courage is what is required for them to be successful.



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