Three Little Froggies – PAPERBACK


Lynda Sturdevant

Format: Paperback
Published Date: 
July 21, 2022
Pages: 28


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Mommie Froggie and her three little froggies, Oliver, the oldest, Chicory, and Cornelius the youngest enjoy life under the lilies near their beautiful pond. Mommie Froggie gives instructions to her adventurous little froggies and tells them to remember two things. But will curiosity about one thing causes them not to remember the other?

Lynda Sturdevant

Lynda Sturdevant was born the eighth of nine children to Loren and Carel Craft on November 3,1952.  Some of her favorite memories as a child were tagging along behind her brothers and sisters exploring the woods and playing in the creek that wound through the small valley.  She and her husband Gary raised three sons with God’s help, which was the best adventure of all.  She presently is Associate Pastor of the Last Harvest Cowboy Church in Butler Missouri and finding service to God an adventure that keeps on giving.


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