Three Dimensions of Learning: Where Resiliency and the Whole Child Rule

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Dr. Carolyn Nooks Teague

Published Date: June 2, 2022
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In “Three Dimensions of Learning,” Nooks Teague offers a new enlightened approach to learning. It guides readers through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development of the child from life inside the womb to life in the school and provides tips that can help parents and educators recognize the symptoms that flag hidden disabilities. Hidden disabilities like vision dysfunction and sensory processing disorder can “make or break” a child’s propensity to learn. Specific steps, illustrations, checklists and exercises that parents and educators can use to empower the future of the child are included. Environmental and biological factors are identified with a clear explanation of how things like diet and even water affect the learning process. Strategies presented by Nooks Teague to help children self-regulate their emotions as well as deal with issues concerning gender confusion are included in this body of information.

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Dr. Carolyn Nooks Teague holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership with a focus on Brain-Compatible-Learning. She is a retired elementary teacher who taught for thirty years combined in both public and private schools of Cincinnati and Chicago. In addition to being an elementary teacher, Dr. Teague served as the director of a preschool as well as an adjunct college professor. She was trained as a vision therapist under Dr. David Muth , a Behavioral Optometrist of Cincinnati, Ohio, and practiced vision therapy in the classroom as well as private practice.
Dr. Teague was introduced to the hidden disability of Vision Dysfunction and the therapy used to treat it while teaching in Chicago with the Woodlawn Experimental Schools program in conjunction with the training from Dr. Robert Johnson and Dr. Henry Moore, directors of the Plano Child Development Center. This experience opened her eyes to the many dimensions of children and how they learn. During this time, she left the classroom to work as an educational consultant for Chicago’s Center for Inner City Studies. While there, she wrote programs on the Psycholinguistic Approach to Learning and consulted with parents, teachers, and students in the public schools of Topeka, Kansas, Los Angeles, and Chicago on how to implement this program to increase student academic success.
When her tenure at the Center for Inner City Studies was completed, Dr. Teague became a Reading consultant with Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Publishers. After five years of consulting for Harcourt, Dr. Teague got married and moved back to her home town, Cincinnati. There she had two children and returned to the classroom as a fourth grade teacher.
The daughter of an elementary teacher, Dr. Teague, was destined to follow suit. Her mother taught her the importance of dealing with the whole child and accepting him unconditionally. While visiting St. Petersburg, Russia, for an international Science conference, she had the opportunity to observe the broad meaning of teaching the whole child in a Brain-Compatible curriculum, in action; she knew that she had work to do. She wanted to learn more, and she did. Her passion for students’ success, rich experiences and faith in God have given her voice.
Dr. Teague now resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a grandmother, and an avid researcher. She loves swimming, line dancing,movies and advocating for children.


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