Thoughts at Midnight – PAPERBACK


Format: Paperback
Published Date: July 31, 2020
Pages: 34
ISBN: 9781951775193

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Dimensions 5 × 8 in

This book is a collection of poetry that I have written over a three year period. It is the sum of my innermost workings of the mind and heart. I started writing it as a way to sort out the thoughts in my head, so I could better understand myself. In a sense, to read these poems, is to see the world through my eyes, even if it's just a glimpse through the veil of mere words. I give all the glory to God for any ability I have to write at all.

R. E. Albers

Ms. Albers first became interested in writing poetry while taking a literature course in school. Until the age of 19 that she started taking her writing seriously, and now at 21, she hopes to share her first published compilation of poetry. Ms. Albers was born in Mississippi and moved with her family to the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas at the age of eight. Her other interests include painting, drawing, singing, composing, music, cooking reading, hiking, and playing the piano. She loves spending time in nature and it has been a great source of inspiration for many of her poems.


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