THEE Bloody Yellow Rose

$ 32.49

JD Biggerstaff

Published Date: March 10, 2023
Pages: 328


2136 A.D. – One nation desperate for a hero; one hero desperate to know his God and protect the woman he loves.

During the global starvation following World War III, the beautiful Christian girl Maria meets Michael, the love of her life. She rescues him from the gangs and drugs, but the depraved son of a Texas oil billionaire vows to murder her after she rejects him for Michael.

The Chinese are starving and mount a 250 million man armada to invade the US for its food technology with plans to kill every American man, woman and child. Desperate Americans fall to their knees begging God for protection as the massive fleet approaches the West Coast.

This is Michael's and Maria's story with something for all: love, war, power, politics, greed, lust, murder, revenge, faith, salvation and the environment woven together in an unpredictable plot and ending. Characters reap what they sow with a little irony and humor sprinkled in just for fun along the way.


JD Biggerstaff is an imaginative master storyteller who detests predictability in the plots and endings of his fiction. He wants his readers to be “dying to see what crazy things happen next,” somewhat like in real life.

He believes strongly in the spiritual principles like sowing and reaping that govern and influence our lives and in man’s desperate need for God in the fallen world in which we live. His writings, both fiction and non-fiction, emphasize our need for KNOWLEDGE of spiritual TRUTHS plus the courage to take bold ACTION to positively IMPACT our world. His stated purpose is to “help people learn how to live a truly blessed life.”

JD and wife Lisa live in Denton, Texas where he served 23 years as the VP HR for a large international retail chain. He voluntarily serves on the Board of Directors for a non-profit that feeds the hungry and shelters the homeless. He has a special interest in developing servant leaders that can bring out the best in the people they lead.



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