The Voice Of The Sword (Revised)

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Joseph L Sinkfield

Published Date: February 21, 2024
Pages: 90

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The Voice Of The Sword is a How-to-Guide for all Christians seeking to find answers about their existence, God’s existence and how to spiritually understand the KJV Bible examining the directed unique way the authors of the scriptures point out their mysterious hidden for many years. A journey to find the truth not to make false accusations about God and the characters of the BIBLE. Readers will be shown how to rightly discern their conclusions whether they understand the writers interpretation and meaning it’s important not to try to add or mingle the truth with their canal mind or conclusions.

The author has the belief that God presented this opportunity to make know these mysteries of the bible in preparation of his coming.

Joseph L Sinkfield

Joseph L. Sinkfield, a 64-year-old divorcee with experience in volunteering in a prison ministry for 6 years, worked with a formal church organization for 12 years, felt the need to share his knowledge and interpretation of the Bible. The conclusions we draw, and the attributes we place on God clouds many from finding God.


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