The Truth: The Extended Version

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Pleze Raybon

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The truth expose all of the misleading teachings, and hopefully encourage the people of God to study His word. There are many who say they believe in God, and go to church, but all they know about him is what the Pastor said. Act 17:11 says …"The Berea's received the word of God with all readiness of mind, but they didn't stop there: They searched the scriptures daily to see if those things were TRUE…

Pleze Raybon

My name Is Pleze Raybon, born April 23, 1950: I’m from the small Town of Winnfield La. I graduated from Pinecrest High in 1968. During my school years, I played the trumpet with different local bands. I moved to Detroit Mi. in 1969, and in the mid 70’s I played with the late Carolyn Franklin. In 1979 I accepted Jesus Christ as Lord, I don’t remember the date but I will never forget the genuine experience that has kept me these 39 years as a Christian. In 1996 I released my first CD The Comforter and in 2001, I released my second CD Amalgamated Love. I have played special music for people like Dr. Myles Munroe, Rev. Kingsley Fletcher Dr. Jeff Edwards. I am now a member of a thriving Church called Triumph, The Pastors name is Rev. Solomon Kinloch JR. A very anointed man of God, He does everything with a spirit of excellence. I hope this book leads the reader to the book of truths which is the word of God. THE BIBLE! Artwork and Edited by: Melea M. Raybon


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