The True Story of Legion: A Texan’s Adventure in the French Foreign Legion – PAPERBACK


Theresa Y. Wee M.D.

Format: Paper Back
Published Date: February 14, 2024
Pages:  170
ISBN: 979-8-89091-453-8

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This story is about a man who had his feelings bottled up for way too long. Not able to tell his family why he did the things he did and not able to recoup the lost years away from the people who he loved. In the Mexican-American community, you never show your sadness, your pain, or weakness. As an act of pride, you always keep all your emotions to yourself like as if nothing is wrong. Showing everyone that you're not suffering and everything is fine is strength.

I couldn't do that anymore; it was tearing me up from within. I felt that by writing my story, I was finally explaining and apologizing at the same time to my family for leaving so long ago and why I tend to stick to myself in the present. Writing my story has been a form of therapy for me, if you will, a way to release all those negative feelings that have been inside my head for some time now.

It feels like coming up out of the water and taking a big gulp of air after being under for so long, and I can breathe again now. My life has been harder than most but easier than a lot of people. I thank God for guiding me and protecting me through my journey. But I still wouldn't change any part of what happened back then because it wouldn't have brought me here. I have no regrets.

Richard Trevino Jr

Born in the oil and ranch region of South Texas in a small town called Alice, the birthplace of Tejano music, to a poor working-class family. There was no work for my family in Alice in the early 70’S, subsequently having to move to San Marcos, which is on the edge of the Texas Hill Country, looking for better jobs and better opportunities for the small family. As a young boy, I yearned for adventure and always wanted to see the world. Having to grow up as a ranch hand gave me the strength and determination to be persistent in life. To adapt to any situation and to move forward in life no matter what the situation. Qualities that I would need later in life after joining the US Army and the French Army. From the hills of Korea to the deserts of Africa, I have roamed. You know to some people, I’m the unluckiest guy in the world but to others I’m the luckiest S.O.B. you’ll ever meet. Either way you see it, I am Richard Trevino Jr from a small town in Texas and I am very happy that you are taking the time to read my little story about my life.


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