Nick Hammer

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Published Date: August 28, 2023
Pages:  366
ISBN: 979-8-89091-175-9

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Simon is an only child that is mentally challenge living on the southeast coast of Florida. When his father Eddie rashly joins the military and goes off to war in Iraq he leaves Simon and his mother, Louise, a cashier at a grocery store, in dire financial difficulties. Simon gets bullied at school and eventually drops out before graduation. Through stress and worry Louise increases her drinking. When Eddie comes home from Iraq he is suffering from PTSD. Because of his erratic behavior, Eddie fears for the safety of his family he leaves them and goes AWOL. Simon has been contributing to the household by working in a small engine repair shop and mowing lawns. When a new neighbor moves in across the street, Simon begins to mow his lawn. The neighbor, Harold is manipulative and mean to Simon. It gets to the point where Harold is so cruel that Simon wants to kill him. On another day Harold plays a life threatening practical joke on Simon, and laughs about it not realizing that he has at last pushed Simon too far.

Nick Hammer

Nick Hammer was born in San Francisco and grew up and went to school in Palo Alto. He went off to college in the bay area and upon graduation traveled to Europe. It was while living in Greece that he wrote his first novel, The Lunatic. After nearly two years of hitchhiking through Europe he returned to the States and moved to Maine where he became a middle school teacher. He is now retired and living along the southern coast with his wife and their family close by.


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