Legacy of the Golden Falise: Book One – PAPERBACK


Benjamin Ray Walthall

Format: Paperback
Published Date: 
May 20, 2022
Pages: 382


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Xion the God of Creation has created a world of man. In the realm of the Gods when a God of Creation creates a world there must be a creator of magic. Amelia the Goddess of Life creates in defiance of her father's will Five Golden beings she calls the Golden Falise. These being are all female and they are promised the day would come when a mortal man would give up his humanity to become the father of the Golden Falise to protect Humanity from the forces of evil. Leilanie who has become The Goddess of Fear and her Husband Ignatius who Has become The God of Chaos find out about this world of man and seeks its destruction. The three brothers known as the Great Ones have sided with Leilanie and Ignatius and allow Xion to be impresioned for the crime of creating a world of Man. Leilanie and Ignatius find a dark chamipion to serve their purpose and the war on man begins in the world of Karona.

Benjamin Ray Walthall

My name is Benjamin R. Walthall. I grew up in San Diego California. I graduted High School in 1998 from Bonita Vista High. I have lived in East Tennessee for twenty-something years. I have been writing since the year 2000 I love writing. It is one of my great passions. I will continue to write as long as I shall live.


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