The Tale of Rebekah Rabbit

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Jean McCurdy Meade

Published Date: February 19, 2024
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Where did the story of the Easter Bunny come from? What does Easter, the Day on which Jesus was raised from the dead that Christians celebrate every year with great joy, have to do with a rabbit that brings joy to children?
Did it ever occur to you that there might have been a family of rabbits in the Garden outside Jerusalem where Jesus was laid in the tomb on that sad, amazing day we call Good Friday? Well, if there were rabbits in that garden, maybe one of them saw the Risen Lord even before the faithful women went to the tomb and encountered the Angel telling the news of His Resurrection.
Maybe she was a little bunny named Rebekah, who was curious about the strange rumbling she felt early, early that Sunday morning, and the beautiful light that came with the dawn, so out she hopped into the garden, all alone, while her brothers and sisters slept. And there she met the most wonderful person in the world – and somehow she knew Him and He knew her!!
And then maybe that little bunny was able to say something without words to those women – and they included her in their story to the others. But then, over the centuries, the part about the rabbit and the first Easter day got forgotten mostly.
Fantasy can be a wonderful way to connect with the truths taught by the Christian faith. Based on the Gospel of Matthew, "The Tale of Rebekah Rabbit" is for children and adults with a heart for what may have happened if, as old legends tell us, animals can talk among themselves and, like humans, can recognize the voice of their Maker!

Jean McCurdy Meade

The Rev. Dr. Jean McCurdy Meade is an Episcopal priest, now retired after serving as the Rector of Mount Olivet Episcopal Church in New Orleans for 13 years and, before that, as Lay Chaplain of St Andrew’s Episcopal School for 19 years.
She holds a PhD in Philosophy from Tulane University as well as degrees from Notre Dame Catholic Seminary, Duke University, and Agnes Scott College and has taught in high school, college, and seminary as well as on television for many years. The mother of four, and grandmother of ten, she is a pianist, former organist and choir member, a senior Chaplain in the Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem, and is a contributor to the Covenant blog and daily devotionals of The Living Church.
She lives with her husband, Rick Thomson, in New Orleans, her hometown of San Antonio, and Santa Fe, N.M..
Illustrator Barbara Hostermen Clark, now deceased, was a locally well known artist and Elder in the First Presbyterian Church.


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