The Stranger Who Was Himself – KINDLE


Format: Kindle
Published Date: September 4, 2021
Pages: 212
ISBN: 9781954371941

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In the past decade especially many young people have struggled to find a place for themselves in a chaotic world or family disjunction, racial discrimination, political polarity, a volatile economy, and sexism. By the age of fourteen Roddy Mattson has become an angry rebel who has no interest in school, is a trial to his parents and expresses his anger via asocial behavior. Finding an unlikely friend in Marty, a Latino boy his age who is smart and accomplished as well as a rebel, the two have several adventures, at first together, then Roddy alone in the hope of relieving the anger that comes from the neglect he feels. Through his encounter with an unlikely homeless veteran, an inspiring summer school teacher, a young woman who pays him attention, a disabled veteran, a Native American man and an evolving relationship with his divorced parents, he faces life changing experiences. Unable to escape the guilt for his past crimes, he struggles to restart his life and to find his place in the world. This coming of age story will draw you in to this intriguing young man’s adventures that are agonizing, heart warming, and redemptive.

James W. Swanson

James W. Swanson’s previous works include Creative Writing: The Whole Kit and Caboodle, published by EMC; Sports and All That Jazz: The Percy Hughes Story, published by Noden Press; and Toward Byzantium, published by Abbot Press. He has three children, seven grand children, and one great grand daughter and enjoys tennis, biking, hiking, golf and traveling with his wife, Lavonne. He strums guitars around campfires and plays clarinet and saxophone in concert and jazz bands. A most enjoyable part of his life has been to officiate gymnastics for 50 years.


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