The Sounds at River’s Edge: True Stories of Growing Up on the Intracoastal Waterway – PAPERBACK


Bobbie J. Mclaren

Format: Paperback
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August 26, 2022
Pages: 168


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In a time before fast food,microwave ovens and home videos; there existed a world where adventure was as close as your next thought. Entertainment wasn’t where you go or how much you spent, but what you did. Playing outside was the normal for most children, in fact to stay “in the house” was sheer punishment. Being grounded usually meant no television or use of the telephone.

These are stories of a very imaginative child and the love of a father. In a world that seemed to move more slowly and a time when history changed on a daily basis as never before in the twentieth century, with joy and sorrows, tears and laughter. “The Sounds at River’s Edge” is viewed from the eyes of a child spanning only four years, but what years they were! It’s a wonder any of us survived.

Bobbie J. Mclaren

Bobbie J. McLaren was born in South Florida in the 1950’s, in Northern Palm Beach County. She graduated from Palm Beach Gardens High School although much to the surprise of many, in 1972. Always writing something, whether poetry, short stories or gospel music, she has always had a need to create. Now living in North East Alabama atop Lookout Mountain, she is involved with writing Vacation Bible School programs for her church, and working with Drama’s. Learning to paint and to sketch in addition to full time employment keeps this author busy. She shares her home with two cats and her life with her family that lives all around her in the Fort Payne area.


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