The Set Time & Flint Face: Destiny Time/Steadfast To Finish

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Rev. T.K. Mensah

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"The book is about destiny timetable, its assignment for specific lifetime events designed to unfold the highest glory of God for a person's life, and the best attitude to make things happen.

God is the Omniscient who has planned every person's life, the content of it are recorded in the volumes of God long before they were born. Preferrably this is described as destiny.
These plans are unfolded to individuals according to time which is conmensurate to spiritual enlightenment and maturity.

There is usually one unique event that leads to the highest pinnacle of our destinies. To achieve this height, it requires a non-subjugated attitude described as the Flint Face, in other words, Steadfastness."

Rev. T.K. Mensah

Rev T. K. Mensah is an international motivational speaker, and a Bible Teacher/Evangelist by calling. He operates as a Revalist and Missionary. Rev. T. K. Mensah has rich experience in rural evangelism since his youth, pastoral ministry, church planting, and his ministries cuts across denominational barriers. Internationally, the author has ministered in other parts of Africa, USA, United Kingdom, and Japan. For over a decade Rev T K Mensah has been involved in homeless ministries as well as youth mentorship through the Joywood Bridge of Hope (A/G) church in East Nashvillee, Tennessee, USA. Orginally from Ghana, West Africa where Rev T. K. Mensah established the Centuries Gospel International Church over which he still presides as the Lead Pastor and General Overseer. The author is married to Mabel with five grown children.


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