The Secret Of Life

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Jasmine Burdine

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This book is about different life stories that have you looking outside in from each character's life. You'll learn about the struggles and hardships that were provided to each character. You'll experience the emotions and journal of different characters finding themselves. Who learn how to survive and heal from their environment. This is based on the reality of young people who are lost who are abused who are finding themselves.

Jasmine Burdine

I would like to thank you for buying my book. I’m a woman who was born and raised in the city of Philadelphia. What inspired me to write poetry was the first heartbreak I experiment in middle school. I was never good at explaining my emotions poetry made a way where I could do that. It helps grow me as a person as a woman all around. I came from a place where music and art were a getaway for me to find joy and peace. This is how my poetry book started.


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