The Revelation of Life After Death Before the Cross, and After the Cross – KINDLE


Waymon J Marshall

Format: Kindle
Published Date: October 25, 2023
Pages:  48
ISBN: 979-8-89091-264-0

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This book explores what happens after death and a rich man's lack of compassion towards a beggar. The beggar dies and is escorted by angels into Abrahams' Bosom due to his faithfulness. Abraham is known as the father of faith. According to Matthew 12:40, Jesus would be in the heart of the earth for three days and three nights, just as Jonah was in the belly of a whale. Before Jesus' crucifixion, Abraham's Bosom was the holding place for those who believed in God and were credited with righteousness. After Jesus' death on the cross, he preached to the spirits of these people who were stored in this area. As per the Christian doctrine, post demise, individuals who do not believe in the faith are consigned to a location of agony and flames, whereas those who do believe are welcomed in Abraham's bosom. However, following his resurrection, Jesus shifted all individuals from Abraham's bosom to the third heaven, where they await the Rapture.

Waymon J Marshall

Waymon Marshall got inspired by an open vision to write a book about life after death. In 2013, while uncovering his truck, a black hole appeared in the asphalt with money pushed into darkness. He was skeptical but got the courage to share his vision with the church. A choir member claimed it was for her due to excessive spending on the lottery. One day, she suffered a heart attack and died. Playing the lottery will not send you to hell; not accepting JESUS as your LORD and SAVIOR will.


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