The Reluctant Duke of Kingsford: A Ghostly Love Story – KINDLE


Earnie W. Rowell

Format: Kindle
Published Date: November 30, 2023
Pages:  456
ISBN: 979-8-89091-362-3

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It’s the 1950’s and England is still recovering from World War II. Duke John Browning III is a young man striving to find his place in the world through education – determined to make a name and reputation for himself. At age 25, he has returned home to assume responsibilities that will change his life forever. He will succeed his father as the new duke and care for the estate and all of Kingsford – and the young duke isn’t sure he’s ready for such changes.

John shares his estate with the love of his life – Lydia, a childhood playmate and daughter of the manor’s gardener – as well as the spirits of his great uncle and aunt, all a permanent presence in the manor. And although John and Lydia both grew up in this household of ghosts, John must learn to go about his daily business … even when the ghosts are acting up!

Earnie W. Rowell

Earnie Rowell grew up in a military family, an only son, with two sisters who acted like surrogate mothers to him and in many ways are responsible for some of his personality traits. The Reluctant Duke of Kingsford is his debut novel.


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