The Prophecy for The Blood Reign over Heaven and Hell – KINDLE


B L Letourneau

Format: Kindle
Published Date: August 25, 2023
Pages:  138
ISBN: 979-8-89091-200-8

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The story of the DeWitt twins surviving unimaginal evil. Their life seemed to spiral from one tragedy to the next. Extreme events give Jessie and Johnny the resolve to rely on their own cunning skills and strength. The legacy of the international and very unique family are warriors for the church against evil. The twins overcome gargantuan odds against pure evil. Love gives them strength to fulfill the first of the Prophecy and vengeance braces them for the second half of the prophecy with the help of Michael Dubois their companion and protector and with the help of the Gods of old they will survive what Hell throws at them.

B L Letourneau

I’m a jack of all trades you might say. I am a native of Arizona, born in Bisbee, and the eldest of seven children. While growing up, we moved around the western states, my father was a Miner, a Teamster, Operating Eng., worked Construction, and a Rancher. We lived out in the country a lot of the time, we read a great deal, since television was not always a luxury. I’m a widow from my 2nd husband. I have two childreen, three grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren. I have a very colorful family history. Great Grandfathers that were Texas Rangers, a Great Grandfather that was a Cattle Detective and helped Pat Garrett capture Billy the Kid. My Great Grandmother, Grandmother and Aunts were musicians, artist and writers. I have lots of family members that are musical. So I guess the Arts are ingrained in my DNA like the sands of the desert, just blowing around in our minds. I have worked at many different jobs; Food & Beverage, Dental Assistant, Teamster, Telecommunications Supervisor, and Aviation Sheet-metal Mechanic for 12 years and retired from being a Aviation Invoice Analyst for 17 years. I have writing poems, plots and have 5 other manuscripts in various stages for decades. A western, an alien mystery, 3 different murder stories in work as well as my Vampire series. As an avid reader and a movie buff of all genres; it stimulates the creative juices per say. I would like to fill the niche between Anne Rice, Stephenie Meyer with a sprinkling of Stephen King.


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