The Power of Imperfect Parents

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Lynda Drake

Published Date: May 22, 2023
Pages: 132

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Parenting children with disabilities and other diagnoses can be challenging. In this book, Lynda candidly shares her experiences raising three children who have various disabilities and diagnoses, including Down syndrome, diabetes, ADD, dyslexia, life threatening allergies, mood disorder, severe behaviors, anxiety and eating disorder. She shares how to let go of stress, find the lessons, laugh and most importantly, learn to love through it all. Since Lynda has worked for over 20 years assisting individuals with disabilities find employment, she also provides tips to help our children be more employable. She covers all sorts of other topics too that we deal with as parents, including talking to our kids about sex, spirituality and even money. The most important thing she hopes you get from the book is to know that you are not alone in what you go through and that you can do this job called ‘parenting’, maybe not perfectly, but you can do it with love!

Lynda Drake

Lynda Drake and her late husband have three children. They are all amazing people who together have labels including Down Syndrome,… anxiety, mood disorder, dyslexia, ADD, severe allergies, diabetes and more. She has dealt with a child with severe behaviors, many that required police involvement to get under control. She worked at Bayaud Enterprises for 16 years assisting individuals with disabilities, and those experiencing homelessness, find employment and the tools necessary to create success in their lives. She has learned the value of the challenges we face, accepting what is going on, releasing stress, remembering to laugh and most importantly, love through it all. Her book, The Power of Imperfect Parents, is the result of that journey.



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